Sudiksha Desikan
As your typical post-ironic reverse engineered fun girl from india, sudiksha is a guinness coinnessure first and a prospective girlbossing woman in STEM second. with notches ranging from straight up hoodrat behaviour to ice cold choreographies to ABBA songs under her belt, Sud is your lad for a good time. always found fluttering around tryna make more friends or working her ass trying to reorganise animal DNA for jurassic park 2.0. so if you ever need some crappy but life changing advice at 2am over a pint don’t forget to drop in your darkest jokes and say hey!
From- Chennai, India
School- PSBB NGM
College- Trinity College Dublin
Course- Biological and Biomedical Sciences(Bachelors)
Year- 3rd
Societies Joined in College- DU DanceSoc, The Hist, Trinity Indian Society, SciSoc, etc.
Favourite spot in College- The football field paired with an iced coffee
Favourite Indian Restaurant- Her house
Favourite hangout spot in Dublin- Always the Docklands
Favourite Bar in Dublin- Capitol for cocktails and Fitzsimmon’s for a pint
Favourite Club in Dublin- Any spot on camden street

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